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Water has an effect on everything it touches, and water touches EVERYTHING !

Here at Valley Environmental Resources we are committed to improving the quality of our most valuable an utilized commodity - Our Water.

Please take a moment an review our company.  We are very proud of our A+ rating and our hundreds of reviews with the BBB, our impeccable record with the Registrar of Contractors, our many testimonials and reviews on you tube,  and of course our thousands of happy customers here in Arizona that are enjoying our lifetime guaranteed products.


We look forward to serving you and would love to welcome you to the Valley Environmental Resources International clean water family soon !



Why choose Valley Environmental Resources?


Hard water costs you money in three major ways :

  The cost of repair and replacement of plumbing and household appliances due to build up and calcium from years of untreated hard water. 

  Customers are forced to overspend on expensive soap and cleaning products loaded with chemicals that must treat the water first before actually doing any cleaning.

  The cost of bottled water adds up! The average household spends on average thousands per year!

Soft Processed Water doesn't cost money,  IT SAVES MONEY!


New Technology

Here at Valley Environmental Resources we apply the latest in technology to solve the water problems of today and tomorrow. Our proprietary systems are made and manufactured specifically for Valley Environmental Resources and cannot be duplicated or copied.

Our Aqua Guard is controlled by the 760-I LOGIX valve. This State-of-the-Art Micro-Processor is the brains of the whole home conditioner. It is considered one of if not the most efficient and advanced valves in the industry and is made by a little company you may have heard of, General Electric. You'll also be glad to know we compromise at nothing with the highest quality resins and media beds, 6 in total, in the Aqua Guard.


Industry Expertise

We believe a customer has the right to know who they are doing business with, what they have done to prove worthy to earn their business and most importantly who is going to be there to serve them now and in the future. At Valley Environmental Resources we are committed to excellence and boast a resume untouched in the industry today.

A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau Registrar of Contractors Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We install and service our equipment with trained employees, not contractors. We are Members of the Arizona Water Quality Association as well as the National Water Quality Association. We have Over 280+ years water treatment experience in just our sales and service departments and Over 7,000 customers in Arizona.


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