Filtration Products



The Aqua Guard

Whole Home Water Processing and Softening System

 The AQUA GUARD processes your water in 6 ways:

• It's a FILTER, the quartz filter bed removes solid matter from the water and provides for even distribution of the water.

• It CLARIFIES, the alumino silicate adjusts the pH where acid water problems occur and increases softening capacity.

• It's a SOFTENER, the exclusive ION-O-Lite C32-M is a very high capacity commercial resin that never has to be replaced. It produces soft water throughout your entire home !

• It's a BACTERIOSTAT, the Redox Oxidizer inhibits bacterial growth in the media beds.

• It's a REFINER, the high capacity activated carbon removes objectionable tastes and odors.

• It's CARBON ABSORPTION BLOCKER which works with the refiner to prolong the carbon life and remove chlorine and other contaminants.

The AQUA GUARD replaces the cost and saves the space of 6 Individual units, enabling you to have complete conditioned and processed water in your home, not just soft water.

The Green Machine

 Reverse Osmosis System

The Hyper Filtration "Green Machine" filters your water in 5 ways:

1. A Pre-Filter-This removes all particles larger than 5 microns in size.

2. An Activated Carbon Filter- The water flows over 30 cubic inches of granulated carbon for chlorine removal.

3. A Reverse Osmosis Membrane- This rejects up to 95% of dissolved solids in your water with an amazingly efficient 1:1 ratio !

4. A Prolonged Contact Carbon Filter- The V.O.C. filter provides greatly extended contact time with a special carbon for contaminate removal.

5. Carbon Post Filter - After being stored in the pressurized storage tank, the water flows through a final post filter which oxygenates and polishes the water for a delicious smooth taste.